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Lamination Rolls
Protect and preserve important documents, photos, iD cards, maps, covers and much more. You can laminate quickly and easily with your own laminating system. Laminating Film 1 Core.

Laminating Pouches
Give your project a crystal clear protective finish with excellent adhesion. With our wide variety of sizes and thicknesses you are sure to find the perfect solution for your next project.

ProLam Pouch Laminator - 320
Built to the same quality of the ProLam 230 the ProLam 320 is equipped with a larger width capacity. With a width capacity of 12.5" you can now laminate larger sized projects with the same ease. It's heavy-duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers and metal cover make it durable choice for all lamination needs.

ProLam Plus 330
The ProLam Plus series uses a heated roller system that allows for balanced heat distribution during the laminating process. This system guarantees crystal clear and bubble-free results even when you laminate photos and ink-jet printouts.

ProLam Pouch Laminator - 230
The ProLam 230 is built to last. With its heavy-duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers and metal cover it's sure to continuously handle projects of any size. It laminates film up to 10 mil with four silicon rollers to ensure contact and feeding speed. Eliminating the use of carriers and preventing jams.

High Performance 12" Heated Roll Laminator
The PL-1200HP is a cost efficient, high performance laminating machine. This is truly a professional machine in every aspect and features a patented heated roller design. It produces a superb finish and edge seal at speeds up to 17 fpm.

High Performance 27" Heated Roll Laminator
The PL-277HP laminator bridges the gap between school and expensive entry level commercial machines. It is capable of running all thermal laminating films up to 10 mil at speeds up to 16 FPM and can laminate a wide variety of substrates to 1/4" thick.

Professor 27" Roll Laminator
The Ledco Professor 27" Roll Laminator is an easy to use, self-threading laminator great for any environment. This machine accommodates roll laminating film up to 27" wide and 10 mil thick. The adjustable temperature control allows for the use of a variety of mounting materials.

Educator 25" Roll Laminator
Exclusively designed to meet the needs of schools and educators, the Educator 25" Roll Laminator is an easy to use, reliable, low maintenance, high value roll laminator. Posters, charts and teaching aids of all kinds can be made to use year after year in a breeze.

ALM3220 Roll Laminator
Set it and then forget it! Load from 1 to 200 documents in the automatic feeder and press the start button. The ALM3220 can adjust to different size documents up to 12" x 18" and can adjust to trim with or without a margin. The special laminating film comes in 1.5, 3 or 5mil thickness in gloss or matte finish.

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